Weight loss Vs its solution poll

Weight loss Vs its solution poll Nowadays, the rush of life is increasing, due to all kinds of tension and wrong kind of eating and drinking, our body and mental balance has a very profound effect. For example, obesity and mental irritability of the body which has an effect on ourselves, this partner also has an effect on our family. [totalpoll id=”4224″ screen=”results”]

How to get traffic on website

🌼 traffic on website 💞 🌼🧡In the online world too, there is a mess, in the beginning it seems that it is a very cool thing, you must have watched a lot of videos while earning at home, from YouTube and elsewhere but this work really I am not as simple as you can see and as much as you are shown, yes at first you will feel that it is really a very simple task, there is nothing to be done in it, just sitting and sitting, everything gets done. But all this really only feels like that, if we believe the truth, it is not so at all. You have to make a lot of effort, only then you can earn some money online. Along with trying, you also need a little powerful knowledge. Because competition is very strong and you have less knowledge, then at this time you are not going to earn, but are only going to waste time. So if you are a beignner and no one is going to convince you side-by-side, then consider so much that you will take at least 3 to 4 years to earn in this field. Friends will remember

Blogging Definition

💓 Blogging Definition 💞 🔴Hello Friend Welcome to this video, in this video we will learn about blogging. Blogging actually came in 1994, and when it started in the beginning, people were very excited about it and a whole new thing came in the market. Since then, the journey of blogging has been absolutely fantastic. Initially blogging was simple, but by 2021 the implementation has become quite smart and brilliant. WordPress has come especially from the job. WordPress is a content management system through which we blogging. In blogging, a writer writes his mind. So someone writes a story, someone writes a play, someone writes about his life style, someone writes about science and more. This matter of mind can be professional or it can also be just simple. Just as a writer writes a lot of books, in the online world, there are bloggers blogging which we can also call online writers, writing a lot of online things. What we read as a post. Just like a book of a writer becomes very

Blogging Platform

💔Blogging Platform💞 💚❤Hello Friend Welcome to this article, if you want to do blogging or create e-commerce related sites, then you will keep reading this article from beginning to end so that no piece of information is missed. Whatever website is given below, you may not like some of it and if you like it a lot, then use what you like, but keep in mind that its service should be good, especially the customer service. . It is not that you have taken the paid plan of the website but if its customer service is not good, then you will be upset. So go to the comment of the website and check that how is his response, how is his customer service? You can also get information from other places like youtube whether its customer service is really good or not. Because where we will go in case of any problem, and because we have also kept a paid plan with money, it is very important to get information. We will get more information from the customer service itself, so it is very important to ha

Blogging sites

Blogging sites ❤ 💝💦Hello Friend Welcome to this article, if you want to do blogging or create e-commerce related sites, then you will keep reading this article from beginning to end so that no piece of information is missed. If you want to make your website online or want to do some other work, then related to the website, then below we have given links to more than 60 websites. If you visit those websites, then you will get very good information on most platforms. Relating to blogging means that if you want to create a website like blogging or you want to create an e-commerce website, then you can do all this work on the following website. Most of the items are for free but it is also available as a trial. If you want more teacher and facility in this, then you can also take a paid plan of this. Its paid plan is not very expensive, it is cheap but according to your requirement you will see which platform is good and cool for you. You start working by choosing the platform that you

Top Blogging Sites Platform

Top Blogging Sites Platform 💓Hello friends, welcome to this article, if you want to do blogging then keep reading this article from beginning to end, in this you will get the complete detail of blogging. Everyone wants to do blogging, someone does blogging for their hobby, then someone does it professionally, and someone does it both professionally and professionally. Blogging can do you in many ways. You can use many types of platforms for blogging, but you will know which platform is good for you by reading this article. So let’s know which platform is that where you can start blogging very easily. 1. Blogger- You can start your blogging very easily on Blogger, here you can also blogging for your hobby and if you want to blogging professionally, then you can accomplish it here too easily. Blogger is a Google product. You do not need to take any kind of hosting to blogging on Blogger because it gives itself a kind of hosting and it is a kind of free hosting that you get from Google


Blogging Hello friends, welcome to this article, in this article, we will know how we can design a website with Elementor, it is also very easy, whenever it comes to website design, it is understandable how he will do it. If there is too much setting here and there, then such thoughts come to mind and most of the users who get such thoughts get upset. By the way, everyone knows that it is very easy to create a website on WordPress, now it is not as easy as it is being written here because it is easy for those who know WordPress and it becomes difficult for those who do not know WordPress. By the way, if you do not know anything then it is not difficult for you and if you know something then it is easy for you whether it is PHP coding or JavaScript or HTML or any kind of coding or Any kind of thing, it is difficult for you until you know it, but once you know that thing then it becomes easy for you. And if you practice the same thing a lot of times, then it runs in one of your life proc

How To make a website on wordpress like you tube

Hello friends, welcome to this article, in this article, we will know how we can make a website on WordPress like YouTube. What you need to do for this If you want to know all this, then keep reading this article because if you stop reading then you will not understand how to build a website, although there is not much to do in this, only you have to start WordPress on your hosting server, And the Elementor has to be downloaded as well. To load the Elementor you have to go to WordPress and from there to the plugin section. You have to add new by going to the plugin and clicking on the upload plugin, you will get a lot of options as soon as you click on the element, they will also have the option of one of the Element plugin, install that plugin on your WordPress. step 1 – Click on plugin and add new button as given in figure .since i have already installed it that is why it is showing active but when you install it first time it will show the option “install” . step 2- After ins

How to remove indexed URL in Google search engine

Hello friends and welcome to this article, in this article we will learn about a very good thing. Most of the time it has been seen that while designing a post or page or just saying that if we ever feel that we should delete this page or post, then we delete that page or post but because our website is from Google search console Stay connected so the url of that page or post keeps showing in Google search engine. But we have deleted the post or page, so whenever a user clicks on that link, they will show 404 page Not Found or such type of thing that this page does not exist. If we will leave such a link on our website and it sits in the Google search engine, then what will happen to it that Google will get a wrong information and the loss will be that the ranking of our website will deteriorate and if the site If the rankings deteriorate, then traffic on it decreases a little and your business performance remains weak due to reduced traffic. So all these things should be removed. The

Blogging tips/How to Start a money making Blog on wordpress

High 25 Running a blog Ideas And Tips That Work Like A Attraction in 2021 Are you searching for unbelievable running a blog suggestions and methods that can show you how to construct a cash making weblog or web site? If sure, you’re landed on the precise web page. Everyone knows being profitable from on-line is a tedious job and most of the people fail at it. Observe any profitable marketer or blogger who’s making a dwelling on-line, you’ll discover that all of them have few issues in widespread: dedication, endurance and networking expertise. If you recognize what you’re speaking about in your blogs, you’re already forward of most of your competitors. And if you recognize the artwork of promoting, you’ll positively earn a living out of your web sites it doesn’t matter what. Sadly, if you’re a newbie, you must study every little thing from scratch. Because of this you must begin someplace so as to lastly begin being profitable on-line. The entire concept behind creating this web page i