Ritika Sajdeh

 Rohit Sharma’s wife, Ritika Sajdeh

Rohit Sharma’s wife’s full name is Ritika Sajdeh and her house is named Ratas
If you do business, then the manager of the sports manager and the anatomy are some like this, their length is 161 centimeters, if this length is understood in meters, then it is 1.61 meters. If you see, 5 feet 3 inches is the full length of weight Talk about it, weighs 55 kilograms and anatomy is 32-26-32. If you talk about ray, then the color of their eyes is black and the color of the hair is also black, they have spoken in personal life. They were on December 21, 1987, and their age is 30 years as far as 2017 is concerned, 2019 is currently going on. Because of this, it has stepped up in 32 years. If you talk about birth place then you do not know much about their birth place. But if you talk about the nationality of nationality, then its nationality is Indian and if you talk about the amount, then the amount is sagittal.

Now let’s talk about what their school was. You do not get much information about Ritika Sajdeh’s school and academic qualifications but yes, her religion can be told about ritika ka religion is a Hindu and her house Who knows what to talk about the hubbies of Mumbai’s Ritika Sajdhari of Ahuja Tower, is the hobby of ritika, traveling to the water and playing Gita is to eat chocolate and their favorite abhi Robert Dawney Jr. and Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth are the color of their favorite pink, and their husbands are all familiar with them, yes they are their husband’s name and Rohit Sharma, who has been a big fan of the cricketing world these days.

His father’s name is Bobby Sajade and mother’s name is Tina Sajadi. They were married on December 13, 2015, during the shooting of the Reebok brand in the year 2008. Bhai Yuvraj Singh had met Rohit Sharma for Rohit Sharma and Rohit and Ritika Sajdev in the year 2015 after a long relationship, Rohit got Ritu in Borwali Sports Club Ground from where Rohit started his cricket career. If seen, Rohit Sharma and Rithika Sajade continued to play for 6 years, which was later converted into a marriage in 2015.
  Ritika Sajdee calls Rohit crying

 Ritika Sajdhane has a lot of love for dogs and whenever she is giving a big match, she will definitely go to the stadium.


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