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Essay on Tiger in English / Tiger power /Tiger-Tracker

tiger When the tiger is roar, its voice can be heard for about 2 miles, which is why the voice of the tiger is so powerful because it can pull its vocal codes ( voice tube ) that generates the voice in a special way The sound of the roar increases manifold than the sounds of other living beings. The designs on the stripes of any two tigers are not uniform in design, they say that their striped fur is sweet like a fingerprint of human beings, i.e. the stripes below each tiger are different from the other.  Even more interesting is that the skin of the garden below the fur is always in the design of every one.   Tigers can consume more than 36 kg of meat at a time. And their favorite prey includes deer and buffalo .  Although tigers and cats do not look alike, their behavior is very similar to each other. Like the pet cats, the tiger likes to be clean and clean. I spend most of the time in the daytime and spend time.  Tiger is a carnivorous animal, it should only be meat in the form of