Whatsapp HAPPY NEW YEAR OFFER 2020 to Come Soon, These Great Features Will Change the Style of Chatting

Whatsapp is constantly introducing new features to improve the experience of its users. Many of these features are on the stable platform, while on the other hand some features are available on the beta version. Recently, the Chinese tech site Weibo released a report about some features of WhatsApp, from which it was reported that these features will be introduced on the occasion of New Year. However, so far WhatsApp has not shared official information about these features. So today we will tell you what features you can get in WhatsApp in the new year…
Low data modeWhatsApp will introduce this feature for iOS users. Currently, the company is working on this feature. At the same time, users will be able to reduce data consumption through low data mode. Earlier this feature was available for WhatsApp calling.
According to the report, as soon as you turn on this mode, this feature will automatically stop downloading photos and videos even after the auto downloading setting is turned on. Apart from this, you will also be able to prevent the auto download voice message from being downloaded. At the same time, this will reduce data consumption to a great extent.
Dark modeWhatsApp announced a few days ago that it is going to introduce the Dark Mode feature for its users. According to media reports, WhatsApp will soon release the Dark Mode feature for iOS 13. At the same time, users will get the original night theme, dark theme and battery saver mode to activate the dark mode.
Delete Message WhatsApp is going to bring the delete message feature for its Android users soon. Users will be able to delete messages by setting timings through this feature. Currently, this feature has been kept in the testing phase till now. At the same time, this feature is expected to be launched soon.
Wallpaper modeUsers will get the option of wallpaper in WhatsApp in a separate section ‘Display’. Earlier, this option of WhatsApp was seen in chat settings. Users will now have to go directly to the display option to change the wallpaper. After this, users will be able to choose the wallpaper according to their own.


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