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Vivo v17 Series Phones Smallest Punch Hole Display

Expanding the vivo v17 series phones, we have introduced viv0 v17, which is a cheaper version of the vivo v17 pro, where the vivo v17 pro has double pop up camera, in the vivo v17 you will get punch hole camera. Vivo v17 has been launched in India at a price of Rs- 22990, so let’s know if it is a best phone in its price? Vivo has claimed the smallest punch hole display with respect to its subject and in fact, the first punch hole of Vivo v7 is quite small. Front camera is given in the punch hall itself. Talk about the design, the lock of this phone is really amazing. The Vivo v17 is in two color variants including Glacier Eye and Midnight Eye Both colors are amazing.The display has almost finished the edge of the company with the punch hole. T camera does not have difficulty viewing does not take up much space and video design front camera Samsung like the Galaxy S10 Indisple fingerprint sensor has been The quad camera setup has been given at the rear i.e. four cameras have been give

Internet Social Media Facilitates Sharing images,files and Thoughts

What happens on the Internet in 1 minute, in 1 to 10 minutes, millions of WhatsApp messages are sent, see the complete list If you are asked what you can do in 1 minute, what will be your answer, you will say that I can send 10 messages or run 100 meters. But imagine if millions of people in the world do the same work together? Today we will talk on this issue, what happens in the Internet world in 1 minute? Data analyst company domo has released its list of what is on the internet in 1 minute? Whatsapp- Four million messages are sent on WhatsApp in 1 minute WhatsApp is the busiest New Year. In the same year, WhatsApp released a report according to which 100 billion WhatsApp messages have been sent all over the world on the eve of New Year 2020. The surprising thing is that out of 100 billion, 20 billion messages have been sent from India only, let us know that in the history of WhatsApp, the record of sending the most messages in 1 day has also been made. YouTube – There is no nee

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Photos Leaked, May Get Triple Rear Camera Setup

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite , the latest device of Note 10 series, has been in the discussion for the past several days. Also, many reports regarding the price and specification of this phone have also been leaked. Recently some pictures of Note 10 Lite smartphone have gone viral on social media platforms, in which its design can be seen. If seen in the leaked photos, the company has supported triple rear camera, punchhole and S-Pen in this smartphone. However, Samsung has not yet shared much information about the official launching of this phone. Tech Talk TV released photos Let us tell you that Tech Talk TV has shared pictures of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite on Twitter. In these photos, the square shaped triple rear camera setup present in the phone can be seen. Not only this, the company has given a punchhole in the display of this phone. Apart from this, users will also get S-Pan with this device. Glass body will get support Leaked photos of the Note 10 Lite can be seen that the dev