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What happens on the Internet in 1 minute, in 1 to 10 minutes, millions of WhatsApp messages are sent, see the complete list

If you are asked what you can do in 1 minute, what will be your answer, you will say that I can send 10 messages or run 100 meters. But imagine if millions of people in the world do the same work together?
Today we will talk on this issue, what happens in the Internet world in 1 minute? Data analyst company domo has released its list of what is on the internet in 1 minute?

Four million messages are sent on WhatsApp in 1 minute WhatsApp is the busiest New Year.

In the same year, WhatsApp released a report according to which 100 billion WhatsApp messages have been sent all over the world on the eve of New Year 2020.

The surprising thing is that out of 100 billion, 20 billion messages have been sent from India only, let us know that in the history of WhatsApp, the record of sending the most messages in 1 day has also been made.

YouTube – There is no need to tell you about YouTube but you will be surprised to know that 4500000 videos are watched on YouTube in 1 minute,

apart from this people also use YouTube to listen to songs, while many music apps. Is in the market.

Google – is called the emperor of the world of Google search engines. Because till date no such search engine has been born that has left Google behind.

Google’s server may never crush at all. 3800000 searches are done in 1 minute on Google.

Facebook – Every year 1000000 logins on Facebook, now you guess how big Sarwar will be needed to handle 1000000 people in 1 minute.

Instagram – 277000 photos are uploaded in 1 minute on Instagram as well. Let us know that Stagram was bought by Facebook in 2012.

App Store – About four lakh apps are downloaded in 1 minute on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store which includes all kinds of apps.

Twitter – Around 511000 tweets are tweeted in 1 minute on Twitter, most tweets are with # of social issues going on in the country and the world.

Netflix – A total of 700000 hours of videos are watched on Netflix every minute. Since its launch in India in 2016, Netflix’s popularity has gained a lot of popularity in India.

Online shopping– In online shopping, people spend $ 1000000 i.e. around 71 billion rupees in 1 minute. These online shopping sites are Amazon Flipkart and eBay.

Giphy– 4800000 gifs are created in 1 minute on GP. After gif support in WhatsApp, gifi has become very popular. The gifi file is a media file that contains no audio.


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