Vivo v17 Series Phones Smallest Punch Hole Display

Expanding the vivo v17 series phones, we have introduced viv0 v17, which is a cheaper version of the vivo v17 pro, where the vivo v17 pro has double pop up camera, in the vivo v17 you will get punch hole camera. Vivo v17 has been launched in India at a price of Rs- 22990, so let’s know if it is a best phone in its price?
Vivo has claimed the smallest punch hole display with respect to its subject and in fact, the first punch hole of Vivo v7 is quite small. Front camera is given in the punch hall itself. Talk about the design, the lock of this phone is really amazing. The Vivo v17 is in two color variants including Glacier Eye and Midnight Eye Both colors are amazing.The display has almost finished the edge of the company with the punch hole. T camera does not have difficulty viewing does not take up much space and video design front camera Samsung like the Galaxy S10 Indisple fingerprint sensor has been

The quad camera setup has been given at the rear i.e. four cameras have been given, the headphone jack, charging port and speaker have got the place below. The speaker space is good due to which the speaker is not locked while watching gaming or video.

As far as the display is concerned, it has a six-point 4-inch Super Amoled Full HD display with a resolution of 1080 x2340 pixels for great video and gaming experience.

There is no complaint about the color of the display and there is also a screen protector on the display, the phone is not too heavy, it weighs 176 grams. Vivo has a Snapdragon 675 processor from Valkam which is an old processor and you will get this processor for up to ₹ 11000. Vivo should have at least given Snap Dragon 712 or 730 processor to this phone.

Overall, Vivo has disappointed in terms of processor, the phone has 128GB of storage with 8 Jeeves which can be increased with the help of its Mori card.This connectivity includes Bluetooth Five WiFi USB Type C for HD video.

it have double sim and 4500 mh battery which supports fast charging, with this phone you will also get an 18 watt fast charger.

There is no Touch o Yes 9.2, which is based on Android Pie 9.0. There are many apps installed in the phone which you can delete later.

Like all your phones, Vivo v17 has a quick menu downwards, ie if you have WiFi. To turn on, you have to do it yourself from bottom to top whereas in most phones you have to do it from top to bottom manually. Back cover in the box with the phone head phone charging cable A doctor and use Manual will

in vivo v-17 performance

The performance of any phone is determined by its hardware and software, even though the people have given Snapdragon 675 processor in this phone, but this does not mean that this phone will not run at all, according to the price the company has given the processor as far as As for the performance of the processor, if the phone is used continuously for 20 days, there is no problem of leggings or attrition of the phone.

The phone runs slow, after opening many tabs in many apps and browsers simultaneously, the phone does not hang, it will help you with 8GB of RAM. These display fingerprint sensor and face unlock work very fast.

Face unlock even in the dark. Wakho also works. The phone does not get stuck when playing PUBG mobile games, but it is a bit hot, the phone’s battery will not disappoint you in 1 hour. Is video gaming is also backed up a half day on continuous use of the same is a common user can get up to 2 days means 2 days 24 hours .

Air v17 camera performance

Talking about the camera, you users will get quad rear camera setup in this phone, which will have a 48 megapixel AI ie Artificial Intelligence Primary Sensor 8.0 megapixel super wide angle lens with 2 megapixel lens and 2 megapixel super microlens, along with the company The front of this phone has a 32 megapixel camera, apart from this, the company has launched Super Night Mod Ultra in the camera segment of this phone.

There is also a feature like stable video and wakehead mode. No changes have been made about the camera app. 10 x digital zoom is available with the camera. Vivo v7 clicks photos from 12 megapixel lens by default to click photos from 48 megapixels.

You will have to turn it on in the settings and with a 48 megapixel lens, you can not even zoom, the camera also has media support, in addition you can also do 4K video graphing. videography is not satisfactory in low light, the pixels of the video are weak, in the camera you get features like slow motion pro time lapse and panaroma, colors are more in photography. do not know

Wide angle can be used in both photography and videography. There is no complaint about the camera photo. Day or night you can do great photography with Vivo V intake. Disappoints in low light from microland but amazing enough light Photo comes Night is also good Selfie camera is also very appreciative Shiva


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