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Life Inspirational Motivational Quotes Facts

It is better to tell the bitter truth than sweet lies This will surely get you true enemies But won’t get false friends Took everyone in the same scales in which you weigh yourself Seeing people again is not as bad as we think Let someone say what he wants A. Time is a matter of time, everyone’s time comes How strange is the practice of this world People do not listen so soon, as soon as they feel bad Life is hard to understand Somebody stays away from his loved ones for dreams And someone stays away from dreams for the sake of loved ones It is about rituals and respect, friends or else, A person who can hear can also hear Stop a little in anger And bend slightly at the time of mistake Then all the problems of the world will be solved Life is not just about keeping the breath It is important to have some dreams in the eyes and some expectations in the heart as well No one is unaware of their rudeness and dangers, just not encouraging To bring yourself into the dock in my own eyes The f

Essay On Vasant-Panchami

In our country Basant Panchami festival is celebrated with great pomp, on the day of Basant Panchami, Goddess of Knowledge Saraswati Devi was born, hence this occasion is celebrated in the worship of Goddess Saraswati. In this old age, on this day, the king used to sit on an elephant with elephants and visit the city and visit the temple, where Kamadev was worshiped and Anna’s earrings were offered to the deities, on the spring Panchami our crops of wheat and gram etc. were prepared. is. Therefore, in its joy, we celebrate the festival of Basant Panchami. During the evening, there is a spring fair in which people embrace each other and show love and harmony. Sometimes, there is also a program of flying kites of spring colors.      On this festival people also wear Basanti clothes and Basanti colored food and sweets also grow, Rituraj Basant has great importance and by seeing its shade, the root consciousness is communicated to everyone.   Rituraj spring is of great importance, by admir

Sometimes In Life Very Hard Work Gets Very Much Happiness - Life Motivational Story February 2020

The story of every life is different, someone does too much, yet he does not get that much, yet he does too much, that is why he has been told that we are only in doing our work, according to that we get the fruits It may or may not happen in this article, we will know the story of a woman who got everything very easily, that too in very little effort Priya 11th Reading was her life the way it was going like moving to a common student. In the same way, going to school every day and coming back from school in the evening, then studying tuition, something similar was going on in his life. He used to be 18 years old. One day a boy came in his life, started talking to the boy, the conversation slowly turned into love, at first there was a lot of fight, but later everything went well after that the color of love gradually rose up. When Priya was studying in class XI, it was going on in 2010, 2 years of love affair had passed since the boy’s name was Vijay Kumar Singh and he used to do duty

What You Want In Life Is Not Always What It Is - Life Story

Nothing is always special in life, what you want is not exactly the way it happens, it never happens, or say that it happens very rarely. In this article, we will tell you a story in which you will come to know that despite all the talent, there are some things that are not possible for us to overcome. Ashok Yadav was a promising boy since childhood, he was very fast in reading and writing and had sharp acumen. Mostly he used to bring such positions like second, first or third in his class. He always said that he would grow up to be a big officer. His confidence was always on the seventh sky, he started his Class IV studies from a school and went on to score good marks, this trend continued, he also got good marks in 10th and 12th. In the tenth board examination, he got very good marks in those days in the 90s but his number was reduced in the 12th exam, and from here he started just after the 12th, he prepared for IT but the selection was not tired. After losing, he took admission in

10 Benefits Of Walking Good for Health

Walking is very beneficial for health, if you walk on foot in the morning, that is, you are going to benefit. Walking makes you healthy physically and mentally, so whether you are young or old. Then children, if you take a walk in the morning and evening then you will definitely get benefit from it. In this article, we will know what benefits we get from taking a walk in the morning and evening.   Now the question arises that why should a person have to walk, what are its benefits. The first thing is that what is walking or is a free exercise, that is, you do not have to spend a penny in it and every human being should do it. The body of a human being is made to escape by exhausting the fast animals and to kill them by exhausting the slow animals. And that’s why under any condition, if you can walk, then you must walk on foot and other thing you should also understand that walking is a natural process and walking benefits you from the hardest You also get that kind of benefits by doing

These Top Ten Gadgets Must Be Present in Your Car While Traveling by Car

To freshen up the mood, sometimes we take a car ride and when traveling on our own car, the fun becomes something else, in such a way, if you have some gadgets to make the journey more pleasant and cool Is fun because this electronic gadget makes you full of fun along with the journey So let us know which are the electronic gadgets that should be in your car especially during the journey If there is an accident during the journey, then the person gets stuck with the seat belt many times, in such a situation, the seat belt cutter is very useful and the hammer in it is used to break the glass, so always keep the seat belt cutter in your car so that you He can save you problems By the way, navigation is present in all Android smartphones nowadays, but still keep a GPS tracker with you separately so that you can get the correct information about the live location and you can easily reach your destination, not only if the car is also stolen It then traces the car and can easily tell where y