10 Benefits Of Walking Good for Health

Walking is very beneficial for health, if you walk on foot in the morning, that is, you are going to benefit. Walking makes you healthy physically and mentally, so whether you are young or old. Then children, if you take a walk in the morning and evening then you will definitely get benefit from it. In this article, we will know what benefits we get from taking a walk in the morning and evening.


Now the question arises that why should a person have to walk, what are its benefits.
The first thing is that what is walking or is a free exercise, that is, you do not have to spend a penny in it and every human being should do it.

The body of a human being is made to escape by exhausting the fast animals and to kill them by exhausting the slow animals.

And that’s why under any condition, if you can walk, then you must walk on foot and other thing you should also understand that walking is a

natural process and walking benefits you from the hardest You also get that kind of benefits by doing aerobic exercise. Walking is a low impact form exercise, that’s why a pregnant lady and a 100 year old man can do it very comfortably.
And you already know that no special equipment is needed to walk, so you can start walking whenever you want and with whom you want.
And because walking benefits the whole body and therefore if you want your health to get better and better with time, then you must walk on foot

 Now it is also important to know what are the benefits of walking in different parts of the body.
So if we start with the brain, the biggest benefit of walking is that the amount of oxygen in our brain is high, due to which your brain starts working faster and better, increasing the alertness of your brain memory. She goes,
And the growth of the nerves which occur in the memory center of your brain starts increasing and the biggest advantage of this is that you are able to learn things better and you can remember them well.
Apart from this, the biggest advantage of walking is that walking increases the size of your hippocampus, due to which your Verbal Memory, Verbal Learning Capacity and Abstract Learning Capacity get better and better.
And this is also called Fluid Intelligence, which is the ability of a human to think and learn and also know that Fluid Intelligence has nothing to do with education and experience, Fluid Intelligence is actually The ability of a person to reason and analyze and process any information is called

So walking not only develops your memory skills but also increases your learning capacity and at the same time improves your concentration.

It can also be understood in such a way that people who are not physically active or people who have to do work that does not have much physical work, just have to sit and work as if assume that on a computer Working is not very physical work, work is done only by sitting, in such people the chances of getting dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are increased, and A. Interpretation This is due because he is constantly physically longer in active form and no work means and physical.



Gradually the size of the hippocampus of the person starts decreasing due to which the size of the brain also starts decreasing and because walking increases the size of the hippocampus, due to this, the advice to the dementia patients and Alzheimer’s patients to walk by the doctor. Is definitely given.



If you think by yourself, if you start doing the exercise by which the dementia patient is given, then your brain capacity and learning capacity will be greatly enhanced. And when the memory power of a person increases, the learning capacity increases. Fluid intelligence increases, then the creativity of that person also increases. And if you want to understand this thing by example, then you must see this thing that all the big philosophers in the world, who have given much creative and innovative ideas, all of them were walking and walking a lot. Were. Apart from this, another benefit of walking is that your mood is good and you are happy, your stress decreases and you feel relaxed.

That is, if you have depression always keep negative thoughts coming in your mind, then only you start walking and you will see its result that you will not only come out of depression and you will also stop having negative type thoughts. The thing is that by walking because the stress decreases, you start feeling relaxed because you are a little tired of walking, if you Chci not sleep is that you trouble in Somia you will give only began walking you very well and started to sleep soundly.

That is, if you have to take a sleeping pill to sleep, then only you start walking, then only after 15 – 20 days you will see yourself that you will have to eat the sleeping pill


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