Life Inspirational Motivational Quotes Facts

It is better to tell the bitter truth than sweet lies
This will surely get you true enemies
But won’t get false friends

Took everyone in the same scales in which you weigh yourself
Seeing people again is not as bad as we think

Let someone say what he wants
A. Time is a matter of time, everyone’s time comes

How strange is the practice of this world
People do not listen so soon, as soon as they feel bad

Life is hard to understand
Somebody stays away from his loved ones for dreams
And someone stays away from dreams for the sake of loved ones

It is about rituals and respect, friends or else,
A person who can hear can also hear

Stop a little in anger
And bend slightly at the time of mistake
Then all the problems of the world will be solved

Life is not just about keeping the breath
It is important to have some dreams in the eyes and some expectations in the heart as well

No one is unaware of their rudeness and dangers, just not encouraging
To bring yourself into the dock in my own eyes

The fastest one walks alone
But the one who goes far and away walks with everyone

I asked an elderly
Who wins true today
Elder replied that no person is respected, needs
Respect needs to end

If you don’t have the right word for a situation
So just smile
Words can get tangled
And the smile always works

When the relationship is new, people find an excuse to talk,
And when the same relationship becomes old, people find an excuse to run away

There are 100 excuses for approaching, in the same way there are 100 excuses for going away.

Saturn in horoscope, money in mind and enmity in life
These three things are very harmful
If you want the good of life, then leave all these things immediately

Life is the only one that can be eaten even after a thousand years
And a dialect like Sahaj can rule the hearts of people for years.

Telling the truth always makes the heart clear
Doing good always keeps the mind clean
Hard work always keeps the mind clear

To give God happiness, just give so much that it doesn’t hurt and just give so much that you don’t lose faith

The power of pride makes the angel even devil, but humility also has a great quality that makes even an ordinary person an angel.

When the snake is seen at home, people kill it with sticks and if the snake appears on the Shivling, then they feed it.
Just as people do not respect you, they do your place and position.

Never in life think why a bad man is happier than me, but think why a better man than me is unhappy

Rab diamond has made everyone,
But that shines is the extent of the polishing

Always remember one thing, friends meet everyone in happiness
But only see god in sorrow

Flowers bloom on thorns
And meet god by faith

Hold someone’s hand in bad times and give him courage because bad times will go away in a short time but he will keep you in your life

Very beautiful words were written, if there is anything like leaving in the world, then let others down

Being happy does not mean that everything is alright. It means that you have learned to live above misery

The matter is bitter but true people say you should fight because we are with you but just think that if people were really together then there would be no conflict.

Someone has said a very good thing that I am not advising you that I am more intelligent but because I have made mistakes in life more than you

No matter how fair a man is
But its shadow is always empty
In the same way, I am superior, it is self-confidence, but only I am superior, it is arrogance.

Be patient whenever you start breaking up in life
Because sparkle is the one that does not shatter before time

If there is no bad time in life, the hidden gears in your loved ones and the hidden ones in garas are never known.

Only knowledge is such a good element that does not leave man anywhere in any state and any time

The whole world says give up but the heart says softly try once more

Some things are felt in the protection of the weak, such as iron coins should be believed only in the mud ball

Who has seen tomorrow, why are we lost even today, in the clocks in which we can laugh, why did we cry

Mirror is this life that smiles, she will also smile

Opportunity and sunrise share the same
The latecomer loses

When there is a sprain in thinking, there is a scratch in every relationship

Earlier people had taught that time changes, now time has taught that people also change

Always try to understand each other in life

If you want to think the best in the world, first of all you have to stop bad information.

It is a strange world, there are strange places where people meet and there is less peeping

Someone has said a very good thing, I am not advising you that I am more intelligent but because I have made mistakes in life more than you.

People will talk about you in both failure and success, as motivation for succeeding and as learning to fail


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