What You Want In Life Is Not Always What It Is - Life Story

Nothing is always special in life, what you want is not exactly the way it happens, it never happens, or say that it happens very rarely. In this article, we will tell you a story in which you will come to know that despite all the talent, there are some things that are not possible for us to overcome.

Ashok Yadav was a promising boy since childhood, he was very fast in reading and writing and had sharp acumen. Mostly he used to bring such positions like second, first or third in his class. He always said that he would grow up to be a big officer. His confidence was always on the seventh sky, he started his Class IV studies from a school and went on to score good marks, this trend continued, he also got good marks in 10th and 12th. In the tenth board examination, he got very good marks in those days in the 90s but his number was reduced in the 12th exam, and from here he started just after the 12th, he prepared for IT but the selection was not tired.

After losing, he took admission in BSC, his marks in BSC first year were quite useful and if second year, third year mark is added. So overall his percentage was not good. So it means to say that from tenth to graduation his percentage has decreased. He thought why not try for some job. Thinking of this, after BSC, he took a break of 1 year and started preparing for the government exam, he gave a lot of other exams from CDS exam to other, but there was no selection in any of them. Then he figured out a new way, why did he not think that I should prepare while doing post graduation so that on one side, I will also be preparing and on the other side I will also get a degree.

Well, the idea was not bad. Many students who were his friends appreciated this method quite a lot. Finally, Ashok did his post graduation from M.Sc. Math, he did post graduation but he could not pass any job which could get an entrance examination. After that he spent several years preparing for 3 to 4 years, but he could not clear any exam. Day by day frustration kept increasing. Ashok got married only when he was in BSC First Year. Well, he had no tension with his wife but he did not even want to get married first.

Due to pressure from the family, he had to do this, that is, he had to get married because in the village it is a rule that the boys have to walk according to their parents. Tired of losing, he thought that why should not the tree system be made, it would mean that why not get a job by paying a bribe. Because nowadays most people get jobs like this. But that did not help anything, he bribed Rs 3-4 lakhs, but all of them went in vain. That is, the one bribe of bribing was also gone.

Now there was no way that he could get a job, now I really could not understand what to do if he did it for earning a living.
His father used to run a biscuit factory, now it seems that as soon as the name of the biscuit factory came, there was nothing like it was a very big factory, in that factory small biscuits were made and pa roti was made which is mostly at the shops. Is supplied Tired, he got engaged in his ancestral work. Now his life goes on this biscuit factory. Now he has a wife, a child, so life is going on like that. But at the moment he is not so happy with his life because in reality he wanted to become an officer. But he became an officer eating biscuits.

Now in her eyes, she was not confident and glowing on the face, which was once in the student life.
He now goes on to say that, oh man, if I have written my studies, then consider it useless, when I had to run a biscuit company and run the factory, then why did I read it. And what is the benefit of running such a biscuit company, which can be total work in earning only 20 to ₹ 30000 a month.

So friends, nothing is always desired in life. Whatever you like, be it exact, or similar, it may or may not happen. It is understood from the above story that it is not at all possible to get what you want. Now it is not the case that every story is the result that the desired thing is not available. Every life has a different story and a different place. The only difference in Ashoka’s story is that despite having so much talent in it, he did not get the things he deserved.


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