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When life goes through difficulties, the number of people who support is very less, people felt rotten and leave. although they say that they do not turn around and say, And have to go towards another path.  You just fall back alone in your life. Leave the matter of non-residents, leave them with you in troublesome times. As long as there is wealth, there is pride, there is many people to sit with and rise, then as many people will stay with you, but as soon as your wealth, your high post weakens, people will increase their You lose money.  That is why some say that even in times of trouble, the shadow leaves us, most of us associate with others because they want respect, respect, and respect from them, whereas if we look inside ourselves You know that we do not have a lot of respect in our own eyes, a lot of respect comes in our own eyes only when we are a good person.   Self-sight means the mirror of conscience, when we wake up in the mirror of conscience, the picture of our actions emerges in it, and from that, we get to know whether our character is good, otherwise, a person himself knows himself. Whether he is good or bad but in society, he only shows his wow form. Which is not so bad either?   Because if he tells the whole truth about himself, then this world will not let him live because the world is not even pure enough to know the feeling of difference in anyone and appreciate that feeling because most people in the world are ignorant. And the ignorant person only wants to understand his selfishness and desire of the senses.  Therefore, any person should keep very little from anyone else. Because the era of Kalachakra is going on and in this Kali-yuga, most people are selfish, run after wealth and power, and have special feelings behind female attraction, ninety percent out of a hundred are in their minds. He is involved in everything. In the remaining 10 percent, he sees worldliness.   Now in this 10 percent what he would think for anyone, it is not a matter of any one person, but almost all people have similar sentiments, so no gentleman should have any hope from such people.  If there is happiness in this world, then there is sorrow, and if there is sorrow, there is also happiness. Those who run Android mobiles, or those who only know to program, cannot deal with these aspects of life. They only run after their knowledge or behind money or both.  Till we do not understand things, no matter how much money we have, we will remain troubled. What is life first? He understood that after understanding this life, there are so many processes to reach it, decide what you like in those processes.   

  1. Creating an app in Android-studio
  2. Web designing work
  3. Affiliate Marketinnetwork marketing
  4. Creating a social networking site
  5. Do digital marketing
  6. Blogging
  7. Monetize with Google Adsense
  8. Keep your server
  9. Thinking of creating a company like Microsoft
  10. Thinking of creating a site like Facebook
  11. Think of becoming a doctor
  12. Think of engineer

……………………………… And so on  There are a lot of such things that we do or think to do them. But can you tell me why you want to do all this work? If you cannot find the answer, then we answer –  Whether you do any work or think of doing any work, in the end, the purpose of that work will be only related to living – eating, women’s good, wealth, wealth, and fun. Nothing more. Now you may be wondering what is wrong if this is the case?   If there is nothing bad in this, then there is nothing very good either. Because the dimensions of life should be limited to eating and drinking and having fun, it is not right, especially for a person who does not find life very beautiful. Because life is not limited to this, one who feels that life is limited to this is ignorant, and an ignorant person is born again and again and dies. And in the same process, he spends many births. He probably does not know that something happens even after being born again and again and again. This is what we call salvation.   Once salvation is attained, man is liberated from the process of living and dying again and again.

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