what is word press

what is website ? and how to make a website ?


Hello friends and welcome to this article, in this article, we will know how we can do web designing with very ease.
Nowadays there are tools available in all kinds of markets, with the help of which you can do web designing, but they are very expensive, they also provide hosting and domains on their platform, but there it costs you a lot to create a website. is. Because you have to pay a lot of money. If seen in this way, they keep sucking you slowly but you do not know.
These companies earn from you like this-


On WordPress you will find a lot of plugins, some are paid, some are free. With the help of which you can create your website, here you can create your own website just with the help of these plugins only.



  1. E-commerce website
  1. Portal website
  1. Blogging website
  1. Photography website
  1. Service website

What is WordPress –


Day by day, the number of such websites is increasing which says that on our platform, you should make a website and earn online. Definitely you can make a website from there comfortably and you can also earn, but there is a lot of monthly cost there. Not only this, if you are doing a website like commercial e-commerce, then some of what we earn, they also have to pay commission like – 5 percent, 6 percent etc. They deduct such commissions. If seen in this way, those people take too much money from us.



  • Even before you earn money by giving domain
  • Then earn by paying hosting
  • Monthly deducts some commission

So by mixing in this way, they take money from you very much, just you do not know. On their platform, you just have to drag and drop and your website is ready. They say similar things and show the same thing in all types of advertising, but you should understand that you will not get so much features on their platform as much as you will get on WordPress. Try using WordPress once, but initially it seems difficult to do a little work on it, but later when you know where to work, then you can work on it very easily and work at a lower cost. 



The biggest thing is that here you will get so much feature that you cannot expect it anywhere else.
So you should build your website on WordPress, it does not cost much, just hosting and domain expenses will come. Once hosting and buy the domain then you are free.



And many other types of websites you can create on WordPress.
WordPress is a very popular cms site, with which people design websites. While hosting, people stall WordPress for one of their personal domains. And then start making websites.


How to link a domain to your wordpress –



 Setting up Domina with WordPress is not a very difficult task. It is all very normal, maybe when you are a beginner, all these things seem difficult but as soon as you are When you install WordPress, you slowly start to understand what you have to do. If you are using a hosting like Siteground, then it has given a very good way to add domains to it and it is a very simple process. You can also install WordPress as soon as you add the domain to the siteground. After that then you can easily design your website. Here I am not dazzling the siteground but it is a little good hosting.



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