With strength and self-realization, a poor beggar is dreaming of being the boss of America's Facebook boss.

With strength and self-realization, a poor beggar is dreaming of being the boss of America’s Facebook boss.

Life – Importance of Celibacy ( Brahmacharya )

Nowadays, people believe in the modern era. If they are told things then they throw it as old or understand it, but think to yourself if everything is bad, being modern does not mean fool, if every old thing is bad then you See that your parents will grow old gradually.

If seen in a way, then those people will also get old. Will they go bad? If some people say that yes they are spoiled, then believe their thinking is very poor and fallen. Even if you become a doctor, there is not going to be much benefit because of their narrow extension of unconscious mind or not because it may benefit them, but they are not going to get any benefit from their family or side. And if we obey the old things of the Dharma Purana, then the victory which is won only for selfishness further falls, and it should.

In the olden days, people used to give great importance to celibacy during education because they knew that celibacy can lead to life, which is like a power that is not to be decayed, especially during the life of student life. The word Brahma means that you do not have to destroy your energy, do not enjoy intercourse, etc. You have to avoid it,

Women should not have an attraction towards desire because at that time you are acquiring knowledge, then such things were taught to us in the old times, only after attaining knowledge, the householder can live life. If some people do not understand the meaning of busy life, then tell them that it is the life of a husband and wife. In which you can get physical pleasure because after that you do not have to do much.

Celibacy observance is similar to a heat, that is, austerity, just as a yogi is suffering from austerity, but he gets the benefit of it, in the same way, obeying celibacy definitely gives you a little trouble but we benefit from it a lot. You get more. By doing austerities of celibacy, you get the growth of all these mental, physical, intellectual, and spiritual things, due to which you start to grow more than knowledge and also have a strong desire for knowledge.

Someone will tell you less, but will learn a lot more now. Here all the mental, intellectual and spiritual things are meant only by increasing intelligence. Therefore, you should understand the quality of performing celibacy i.e. austerity, there will be a little difficulty in understanding it and when you understand it, then introduce it in your life now because understanding is a different thing, and venting in life is a different thing.

Even if you understand something quickly but it takes a little effort to get it into the lifestyle, that thing only comes in the lifestyle when you work hard for that thing every day, worship it, keep that thing in your mind constantly. That is when that idea comes into your lifestyle, which makes your life blessed.

To bring any idea into your lifestyle, you have to try the same way as if you wash a lotus inside every day so that it stays clean, just like that you have to wash with this idea so that this idea Come to mind with you and spread the ray of brightness.

Avoid Spicy Food To Save Your Majestic Internal Power-

Sex bothers a person only when a person is running towards spicy food and continues to run because this spicy food gives momentary pleasure to your mind but will not be able to give long-term pleasure and neither will the penance of celibacy It proves helpful in doing it, it distracts your mind, the senses are not in their control by eating spicy food.

Man desires to have sex again and again, and when he finds nothing, he masturbates and quenches his thirst, when he will do that, then where is his austerity, that is, he did not practice celibacy, That is, his intellectual power has declined, and when the power of intellect will decline, how will he remain knowledgeable, and when he remains knowledgeable, then how will he pass in his salvation journey exam?

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