Hello friends, welcome to this article, in this article, we will know how we can design a website with Elementor, it is also very easy, whenever it comes to website design, it is understandable how he will do it. If there is too much setting here and there, then such thoughts come to mind and most of the users who get such thoughts get upset.

By the way, everyone knows that it is very easy to create a website on WordPress, now it is not as easy as it is being written here because it is easy for those who know WordPress and it becomes difficult for those who do not know WordPress. By the way, if you do not know anything then it is not difficult for you and if you know something then it is easy for you whether it is PHP coding or JavaScript or HTML or any kind of coding or Any kind of thing, it is difficult for you until you know it, but once you know that thing then it becomes easy for you.

And if you practice the same thing a lot of times, then it runs in one of your life processes, then you don’t have to put a lot of effort to know or do that thing. It goes through an automatic process. .
In a way, if there is a kind of software installation, there is something else before installing everyone and after installing the software, working on it becomes something else. In the same way, unless you do not know things, then there is something else about it, but after knowing things, the thought and style will change.

How to install Elementor

Installing is not a very difficult task, if you have a little idea of ​​WordPress, then you can do it very easily and there is an element to install in the left panel of WordPress.
If you click, you will see that a plugin option comes in there, but after clicking on the option, you get the option of Add New above and click on that option of Add New.

In the left pannel of dashboard click on plugin then add new button and then search for Elementor ,click on install now.

After clicking on install now click on activate button after doing this you will see the your elementor Plugin is active like below. Don’t worry all these steps are super highly easy .just do, it will auto guide you itself.

On clicking on the option of Add New, we get some well-known plugins and some popular plugins, you can download if you want, but our aim is to download the Elementor, then first we will touch I will search it

Type Elementor in the search bar and run Elementor as soon as you hit enter

Now click on the install now button of the Elementor,

After being a star, an option comes on it, you will click on the active-active option and as soon as you click on the activated option, the Elementor install become active.

But remember that there is a free version of the Elementor, you can also take the Pro version if you want.

The free version of Elementor gets little feature and the pro version gets a bit more feature.

If you are a professional blogger, thinking of creating an e-commerce site, then use the pro version of Elementor because you will get so much feature that your website will be very cool and now you will be happy to see the website. That just the stupid things have been written just like this, but once you follow it, now you will see that you get a very good feature in it because personally we ourselves have used it for Elementor Pro and I have got a lot of benefit from it.

After Elementor Activate, you can start working on it

With the help of Elementor you can create good pages that you will not be able to create in the normal way,

With Elementor, you can also write good posts that you cannot write in the normal way,

If you create an e-commerce website, I will get a lot of features.

You will also get the option of single product design for e-commerce here, with the help of which you can design a very beautiful single product, which increases the chances of your conversion.

Apart from this, if you are using e-commerce, then there is no option to edit which page because it does not provide the features of Marcia which is available by default, but with the help of elementor You can design a home page because you can create your own home page on the Elementor for your e-commerce shop,

If seen in this way, then you get very much benefit of Elementor. Just drag and drop and your site is created, for this you need a little practice and a little information.

Now it is not necessary that you use the Elementor plugin to create a website, you can also use another plugin which is a page builder. There are a lot of page designer plugin in the market, with the help of them you can design your own pages and posts, and as you know the website is nothing but only only a group of pages and posts . So in this way you can create your awesome website without putting any extra effort on your mind , body and skill.

I hope you will be understand whatever i want to say. Now let us know much more about website.

What is the website

if asked this question, then I will say that the answer has just been given above, yet here once a reminder that the website is nothing else but a group of pages and posts too. Are written in

Just like 10 or 15 pages is also enough, 25 and 30 pages are also enough, in the same way there is a website, some websites are of 10 or 12 pages, some are of 25 pages, some are the same, then things like this We call the website.

Paste Style of Elementor Plugin

If you did not use the paste style of the element then you did nothing because this element. Is the absolute best thing. If you have written some text in any section, whether it is the heading text or any text and want to write the same kind of thing in another section, just copy the first one by right clicking and then the other one Paste it in the section where you want that kind of style, just have the top style. The daughter-in-law will become like the style in the second section.

You can see all this by doing this.

Photo Competition –

Element’s photo competition tool is very good, but the most important thing is that it is not found in the Elementor, but you get it in the Element Power Pack which is the Administrator of the Element, you will not get it in the free version. I will get

Photo Competition in Essential Addon – If you do not have an Elementor Power Pack donation, especially if you do not have it, then you can use this NCLA down as a discourse, if you use a ro version only then it will You will get a photo comparison cartoon. And there too you will get to see the same features, now you can easily put a photo in the comparison of how the photo looked like before.πŸ’¦

Once Again Thanks a lot for giving your valuable timeπŸ’žπŸ’ŒπŸ’š


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