How To make a website on wordpress like you tube

Hello friends, welcome to this article, in this article, we will know how we can make a website on WordPress like YouTube. What you need to do for this
If you want to know all this, then keep reading this article because if you stop reading then you will not understand how to build a website, although there is not much to do in this, only you have to start WordPress on your hosting server, And the Elementor has to be downloaded as well.

To load the Elementor you have to go to WordPress and from there to the plugin section. You have to add new by going to the plugin and clicking on the upload plugin, you will get a lot of options as soon as you click on the element, they will also have the option of one of the Element plugin, install that plugin on your WordPress.

step 1 – Click on plugin and add new button as given in figure .since i have already installed it that is why it is showing active but when you install it first time it will show the option “install” .

step 2- After install you will see active button as given in below image.

step 3- After installing Elementor just install ” Elementor PowerPack Addons ” which is shown below .Since i have already installed it that is why it is showing update now but when you install it first time it will show the option “install” .

step 4- click on page button to create a webpage.

step 5- you can see your all pages which you have created so far . this is your choice.

step 6- proceed according to figure

step 7- Just click on + button.

step 8- After click you will find a page like this

step 9- Just drag and drop this video gallery icon on + button.

step 10- Finally you will see your video gallery which look will be highly impressive. you can see it look in a new tab of browser just try it and see the result yourself. you can also give a better look to your site by just customizing it.

In this way, if you will process as explained above, then you will create a video website very easily. I hope you have completed this information. If you have a problem with this, then you can email us by going to CONTACT US. We will try to give you an answer to your question within 24 hours.
Thank you once again for giving your valuable time in this post, if you have got some good information from here and you feel that you should share this information to your friends too, then you should definitely share it because share There is nothing to do.


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