How to remove indexed URL in Google search engine

Hello friends and welcome to this article, in this article we will learn about a very good thing. Most of the time it has been seen that while designing a post or page or just saying that if we ever feel that we should delete this page or post, then we delete that page or post but because our website is from Google search console Stay connected so the url of that page or post keeps showing in Google search engine.
But we have deleted the post or page, so whenever a user clicks on that link, they will show 404 page Not Found or such type of thing that this page does not exist.

If we will leave such a link on our website and it sits in the Google search engine, then what will happen to it that Google will get a wrong information and the loss will be that the ranking of our website will deteriorate and if the site If the rankings deteriorate, then traffic on it decreases a little and your business performance remains weak due to reduced traffic.

So all these things should be removed.

The method of removing it is very simple –

If you want to remove it, then proceed according to the picture.

First login to your google search console

If you are new and could not login to Google search console, that is a very easy way,you can do all like this.

1. First you login to your google account
2. Then open another time in your computer and search on Google Google search console
3. Google Search Console page opens. Proceed according to the picture.
4. Copy the ones you want to remove
5. And then click on the Google button in the left panel of the Google search console

6. On clicking, you have to paste your url by putting a check box on this URL.

After that understand that work is done

Immediately you will get an information, at the same time your youth rule has been blocked for 6 months but you can cancel it by canceling it whenever you want, you will also get such an option.

It may be that by reading this post you will feel that there is a lot of trouble in this, but there is nothing like that. It is a very simple process and works in just three to four clicks.

Now since you will not open the Google search console and will not see it, then you will find it difficult, because if you do not work by reading the post, then there is a little problem in understanding, just reading the post does not compile the information but on that information Knowledge is done by doing a little work.

Dear friends, like every time, thank you very much for giving your valuable time in this post, it is hoped that you must have gained some knowledge from this post, if you have gained some knowledge and feel If it should be shared, then share it to your friends and friends, what goes into sharing.


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