Top Blogging Sites Platform

Top Blogging Sites Platform

๐Ÿ’“Hello friends, welcome to this article, if you want to do blogging then keep reading this article from beginning to end, in this you will get the complete detail of blogging.
Everyone wants to do blogging, someone does blogging for their hobby, then someone does it professionally, and someone does it both professionally and professionally. Blogging can do you in many ways.

You can use many types of platforms for blogging, but you will know which platform is good for you by reading this article.

So let’s know which platform is that where you can start blogging very easily.

1. Blogger-

You can start your blogging very easily on Blogger, here you can also blogging for your hobby and if you want to blogging professionally, then you can accomplish it here too easily.
Blogger is a Google product. You do not need to take any kind of hosting to blogging on Blogger because it gives itself a kind of hosting and it is a kind of free hosting that you get from Google.

If you do not have the money to create a blog on Blogger and you want to create your blog for free, you can still do it very easily because Blogger also gives you a subdomain which we blogspot. com says. With his help, you can start your blogging for free too.

To get hosting on Blogger, you only need to have a Google account. If you have a Google account, then understand that you have got the blogger hosting.

If you want to use top level domain, you can buy it from namecheap or Godaddy and connect to your blogger’s hosting.

No speed problems on Blogger-

If you are using Blogger’s hosting, then you will see that there will be no speed problem on your site.
Because most of the time it has been seen that when the traffic on the site increases then the website starts to slow down but if you have built your website on blogger then no matter how much the traffic increases but your site traffic will not be slowed down. If there is a slowdown due to some other reason, because of traffic, your site will never be slowed down because of how much traffic the blogger has.
So we get so much for free and what we want now

There is no security problem on blogger –

there is no security problem on blogger, it is not that your website will be hacked like it happens elsewhere because Google takes responsibility for the security of your site, yes if If you give your email and password to someone, then it is something else. But there is also a solution for that, you can also use two step verification on your mobile in such a condition if anyone ever gets to know your email and password and if you want to open your Google account and access Blogger’s hosting then That will not be possible because you have kept two step verification.

You get tremendous benefit from this, applying two step verification on Blogger is not a very big thing, we can apply it very easily by going to Google’s account and can apply it in just seconds.
If seen in this way, if you want to start your blog for free, then Blogger can be a good option for you.

Shortages in Blogger’s features –

Mostly it has been seen that there is no problem of security and speed in Blogger, but the features are very less available in it, you do not get much freedom to decorate your site. This is where Blogger kills with WordPress. Because in WordPress you get unlimited features. You have no bonding of any kind. If you do not know about WordPress, then in shortcut, understand that WordPress is a cms site that we use for web designing. And at this time, it is being used the most in the world.

To make or not to make a blog on Blogger –

So if you want to start blogging and are thinking that to make it on blogger or on WordPress, then our advice would be that if you are a beignner then you can start with blogger but If you have knowledge about a little blog, then you can think about blogging on WordPress because you will get a lot of features in it, so that you will be able to manage your blogging very easily.
If you want to do blogging and especially want to do professional blogging and you have problems with money, then start with Blogger itself but if you have some money then you will start blogging on WordPress itself.

Do not rank blog in Google search engine- If you want to do professional blogging, then you would like to have a lot of traffic on your website, for this you must have put your post only in Google search console, but when you are hosting as blogger If I use, then there is one less than that Google Search Console connects your url, but Google does not allow posts of website created on Blogger to rank fast in its search engine, this is mostly seen. At the same time, if you start blogging by investing some money by buying hosting, then Google posts there. –

People say that is very powerful for blogging. Bluehost will provide you hosting here at a very cheap price of 2.95 $ / mo plus you get a free domain, 50gb disk space, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL, and 100Mb of email storage per account.
You do not need to worry about speed here because the hosting is so tremendous that you will get the speed automatically.

Just pay attention to the plugin you install your wordpress, mostly because it has been seen that due to overloading of the plugin or not loading the correct plugin, or due to the plugin’s creation, the site speed will be down. is . And when the site goes down, the problem becomes a problem because visitors then start to skip from your site, so all these things have to be taken care of. – is also very good to start blogging. In this, you will not have any problem in starting blogging, you just have to drag and drop and your website will be ready very quickly, that is why it is called Super Easy, meaning making a website in it is very simple, so if you blog If you want to make, you can easily make a blog in it.’s hosting service offers automatic. Its interface is also very simple, it has good community function,

If you want to use it professionally, then you use its paid plan because in the free plan you will only get subdomain and you will get less option to customize a bit. So if you want to start a blog professionally, then take a paid plan.
Apart from this, there are many other options that you will get only in the paid plan.

pricing– starts at 4 $ and is up to $ 25 monthly. If you want, you can also pay yearly and also pay yearly. For more information, go to and get pricing information from there.

If you want to make a blog or any other website, then can also be a good solution. and are considered to be almost the same. Because the features and quality of both are almost equal.

The special thing about is that you do not need any kind of coding to use it, all you have to do is just drag & drop and your website will be ready, from this website you will be able to do portfolio website, image Website and e-commerce website and other websites can also be created.
Here you will find a lot of design options.
You will get a lot of ready made templates which you can use in the design on your website.
With the help of artificial intelligence, you can give a very good look to your blog.
You will find many stock images here.
To design your website you will find lots of apps here.
Overall, it is very easy to create a website here, it is absolutely equivalent to eating mango. Just as we do not have to make any effort in eating mangoes, we eat immediately, similarly with the help of, any website can be made very easily.

By the way, all the things have been written here, but if you do not open since then you will feel that all these things which have been told, are false. So if you feel that the above information is not correct, you must depart once and check its free version, then you will understand yourself whether it is good or not.

Pricing– Nowadays everything runs for free and paid or we all know that there are little limited features in free while its full featured in paid, so if you want to use just temper but if you are professionally If you want to use it, you must definitely have a tree version. Because in this tree version you will get a lot of features. It is not very expensive. By giving you a churn at $ 13, you can get good service from here. Its most expensive plan is for $ 39, plus you have higher plans. , higher bandwidth, free domains etc. You can visit to get information related to pricing.

By the way, when it is needed to create a landing page for affiliate marketing, then most affiliate marketer is the one who uses only. It is very easy to use and also simple.

jumla dot com, you can create a good website and also make a professional website. With this, apart from creating a blog website, you can create other types of websites also with very ease.
You will not need very much technical skill to create a website here, you can also work with a common technical knowledge here. Because here only you have to drag & drop, after that your website gets ready easily.

Pricing– If you talk about pricing, its pricing is not very high, you can try it comfortably. For more information, visit the official website can also make a good blog website. One important thing to note here is that you will not be able to create other types of websites like e-commerce website here. .
The thing about is that it is completely free, you do not need to pay any kind of money.

All you have to do is create an account and after creating that account, you have to keep publishing your blog. Here you will get the arrangement to apply both image and text.

Earning from You may have thought about earning from Google Adsense yet, but you would not have known about earning from In this, according to how long people read your content, you get money and clapping money. The more people clapping, the more your money will increase.
In this, you have to write quality articles. Now, as soon as it comes to writing articles, people start copy paste, then the articles of such people do not rank there, because of this they are not able to earn because if you copy paste then they also have to copy copy paste Is arranged

You will not do this kind of work, but you have to write a fresh content, because you get money on top of your content because there is also a team of content viewers. And before ranking the content there the viewr team check it so it is better to write content on your own, articles written on also rank on Google.

How to take payment from medium, com- To get payment from medium dot com, you must have a stripe account. If you do not have a Striped account, then you will not be able to take payment, so first you can create an account of this type and then connect it to the medium.
If you live in a country where stripe account is in beta version or not available, then in that case you will not be able to take payment from the medium. In such a situation, you can take a solution that you can create your account on the payoneer and connect it to the stripe account. Will come to your bank account from where you can receive it from any of your local banks. This is for those who have a striped account in the country, is not available or is in beta version.
There is no need to worry in countries where stripe account is available.

They just have to have fun, brother, have fun because the money will easily go into the strike account and from where it will go to their bank so that they can receive it easily.

In this way, if you want to do blogging from, then you can do this, this is a very good platform and here you will not earn much more than Google Adsense, in addition, if you want, then there are some affiliate links in it. If you can give it, then the earning that will be done in this way, we will also get it from the affiliate.

From this website also you can make a good blogging website, this platform is only available for blogging. If you want to experiment something new in the field of blogging, then you can choose this field

Some of its properties are as follows –

Its speed is very super fast as it is built in JavaScript.

Its hosting version does not require any type of setup.

It already has sco and social media stuff

Its demerit is as follows-

It is very difficult to customer
In this, the option of customization is also very limited.
Most theme options are narrow.
ghost’s self hosted version is complicated to set up

The price for the hosted version depends on the number of websites and the amount of traffic. For $ 29 / month you get one blog and 100,000 monthly page views. This also includes SSL encryption. The most expensive plan is $ 249 / month ($ 199 / month paid annually). Ghost has prioritized support, uptime guarantee, and other premium features. All plans come with a custom domain.

8.square is also a good website for website design. If you talk about photography site, then it means that if you want to create a photography site then there is no good website from in the world right now. Is not. It is absolutely tremendous in this case, that is, in the design of photography, it may be that you find it a little difficult to hear, but when you actually work on it, you will know that photography,

weebly you can make a good website, and are almost equal. You can use either of them. Because is more publicized that is why people know more and has less publicity, so people know less. But its feature is cool.
It is very easy to use it. Just as easy as was to use. Only drag & drop has to be done and your website is ready. To get more information, you can visit its official website.

You can also use it by creating a free account. But if you want to take its pro plan, then you have to join its membership in which you have to give a monthly amount from $ 12 to $ 26. If you want, you can also take a yearly plan.

You can also make a good website from
It is also very easy to use it, if you want, you can also create your website here with all the domains. You can easily insert your videos, gifs, images and audio here.
But its worst feature is that it is quite limited and there is no way to extend it. Another bad thing is that there is a big problem in backing up the content of Tumblr. the rest is OK.

This platform is completely free, but if you want to get the update version, then you will get a lot of themes and good APPS.


In the end, I would like to say that whatever platform you use to build a website, you must study it, and choose according to your budget and also see whether the feature you want is available in it or not. By the way most of the websites mentioned above are of very high quality. If you want, anyone can use it. But here again the same thing comes that you have to choose the platform according to your requirement.
By the way, as far as I am concerned, I do not choose any of these platforms nor do I tell anyone that you choose any of them, except blogger, because I started blogging in my life from blogger and now Siteground I work only by taking WordPress hosting and installing WordPress on it and enjoy it a lot. And there is no problem. So I recommend this if you are having money problems or you are a beignner or both, then you start with blogger and if you have a lot of money then take hosting like me and blogging with WordPress stall Start, or start the work of making any website.๐Ÿ’–


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