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๐ŸŒผ๐ŸงกIn the online world too, there is a mess, in the beginning it seems that it is a very cool thing, you must have watched a lot of videos while earning at home, from YouTube and elsewhere but this work really I am not as simple as you can see and as much as you are shown, yes at first you will feel that it is really a very simple task, there is nothing to be done in it, just sitting and sitting, everything gets done. But all this really only feels like that, if we believe the truth, it is not so at all.

You have to make a lot of effort, only then you can earn some money online. Along with trying, you also need a little powerful knowledge.

Because competition is very strong and you have less knowledge, then at this time you are not going to earn, but are only going to waste time.

So if you are a beignner and no one is going to convince you side-by-side, then consider so much that you will take at least 3 to 4 years to earn in this field. Friends will remember 3 to 4 years, sure Believe it will take this much. Then you will bring that skill inside you with the help of which you will be able to earn some money. So overall, it takes time for online earning.

Making back links is a sinful task –

some people say, oh my friend, make backlinks, do take a follow link and it will drive a lot of traffic to your website and then you will be rewarded. But actually saying or hearing all this sounds really simple But it is a very difficult task to put it into practice, for this you will have to become proficient in it and you will be perfect only when you practice a little bit and know while practicing, you will gain knowledge. And it will take time to do all these tasks, you will be a little bit disappointed and also disappointed, then you will have to endure all this and then you will feel that it will be easy for you to make a backlink.

Sharing the post on social networking site

How many people also say that you, if you have a website or not, then share it on social website like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. After that the traffic on your website Only traffic will come and you will become absolutely prosperous, but in reality if you go to share your website on social media, whether you share a page or share a post, it is not like it is said. Meaning when you share a post, page or your website, there is not a lot of traffic coming to your website immediately and traffic may come or not, in most cases, it has been seen that a very small amount of traffic comes to you. on the website. Therefore, by sharing knowledge only on the social networking site, a lot of traffic is not going to come to your website.

In that too, you should have a lot of knowledge, only then you can get a lot of traffic to your website from those social media networks.

Running Paid compaign-

Some people say that if you want traffic to your website, then run Paid compaign on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube, it will benefit that a lot of traffic will come to your website and you will earn a lot of money, But really it is not that easy, it is not said here or it is being said that the Paid compaign people talk about running, they talk wrong or lie, it really works, but When will this work when you learn how to do it well.

Running Paid compaign and analyzing its results is not really easy, it will be easy only when you practice it continuously.

In some results, you will fail and after going to the fin, I will think about what to do in Paid compaign. How to run Paid compaign? In most cases you will fail because you do not know how to run Paid compaign. You are a beginner at the moment and a beginner man makes a lot of mistakes in the same way as the first time a cycling person falls from the bicycle again and again. He then experiences cycling.

He then slowly learns to ride a bicycle. In the same way, when you go to run Paid compaign, you will make many mistakes and will be disappointed by mistake, and most of the time it has been seen that due to this frustration many people quit running Paid compaign and say that it is useless, it Really there is no benefit, it is only reduced. And it is useless, by making a video on YouTube, he will also show you that I have run such Paid compaign and I am reduced. And people also listen to their words, especially those who do not know how Paid compaign is run?


It means to say that there is nothing wrong here but you are late to understand how you understand it or understand it with time or by failing to learn from your Phil IT, then there is a way to learn and understand a lot. Which way is now which method to adopt or depends on you.

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