If You Want to Avoid Data Leaks Then Update Your Twitter App Immediately.

TWITTER Data Leak 

After Google and Facebook, there is now a threat of data leaks on the micro-blogging site Twitter, due to which the company has sent an email asking Android users to update the app. In fact, on Friday, the company shared information about the insertion of virus codes on the Twitter platform by hackers. At the same time, hackers can steal the personal data of users through these malicious codes. However, these codes on Twitter may affect the data of users around the world, including India.
Hackers will be able to control users account
Flaw on the Twitter platform has revealed that hackers will be able to tweet and message in addition to information about users. In other words, hackers can completely control the account of users. At the same time, Twitter has said that the data can be accessed by inserting virus code in the app through a complex process.

Twitter released notifications

Twitter says that even after inserting the code containing the virus, information of data leaks has not been revealed so far. Also, no evidence of data theft has been found. However, the company has not given much information regarding this matter so far. At the same time, a security patch has been released for the Twitter platform and users are being sent to email and update the app.

Code containing viruses inserted into Twitter

Let me tell you that the virus code inserted on Twitter will not affect the iOS and web users. But these codes threaten the data of Android users, so the company has advised to update the app. A few days ago, an Indian user received a security warning, which said that there was a wired code on the Twitter platform.  

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