Mainly used for simplifying complex problems, it is presented in an intuitive storyline narrated by a character while the explanation is being told within the drawing.

These videos work best for thought leadership, employee training, safety etc eventhough they are also used for marketing, brand building and concept explanation.

Whiteboad videos comes in handy when the topic you have to explain is lengthy and complex.


As the name suggests, this segment engages with real people in order to tell their stories to the world. This involves real actors, locations and properties. They add a human touch to your brand and if you prefer real people and background over an animator video, real life videos are the way to go.

We proudly handle the client’s videos, maintain their social media platform, especially YouTube, and make their story live on camera.

This includes producing video ads, promotional, corporate intro, documentary, and cinematic videos.


This segment helps the client explain their products or services with a simple video. This involves a character that walks through the whole service.

These videos works best for explaining technology products. 2D Animation videos are mainly used for marketing and brand building purpose on webistes, social media and online promotion. 2D product explainer video showcasing your product’s features, appearance and composition can build your sales from level zero to infinity.


Clients approach us to make simple presentations of their services/products. Here, we indulge in simple text-based animated videos that simplify the process of the service.

Slideshow videos let you share your experiences, cultivate a brand, build a following, or save and share your memories.

This is the recommended style for short-trailers and teasers for product or presentations.